Mr. Bavington’s Spring Term Review

It feels like just a few days ago that we were coming back from the Christmas break ready to start the build into The Schools’ Head, and now we are preparing to pack up the boathouse and travel the 1300 miles to Sabaudia for the annual training camp!

This term has been a success with regards to the development of the Boat Club; with equal numbers of boys and girls joining us in the year nine rowing group, BMS winning the Mixed Quad at Schools’ Head, really showing what we can achieve as a Boat Club rather than two separate squads, and now one of the largest sports trips to go out of BMS with just shy of 60 students wanting to attend the rowing training camp.

I will be the first to put my hands up and say that I would like the results across the board to be slightly better, but considering the completely new set up at BMSBC this year, it was always going to be difficult to have an outstanding season all the way through. What I believe is important is that no one is that far off, every squad is in contention to have a competitive Summer Term but a few small changes need addressing to make that transition.

I have enjoyed watching the squad support each other at the events, especially the year nine students who have really got to grips with giving each other a cheer along the banks of Dorney Lake; I’m pretty sure one of the boys crews went considerably faster once they were alongside the cheering girls!! It has been a difficult term for the J14’s with extremely limited time on the water, I am starting to watch the boys and girls squads really take giant leaps forward as we are now past the basics and working towards developing speed rather than just staying dry!

The J15 boys group continues to offer much potential and promise for the future, I am looking forward to spending some time with these boys over training camp as I believe they offer a great future for boys rowing at BMS, they just need a tad more focus and direction. I’m sure as a squad they are a little disappointed with the results from Schools’ Head, but this should of given them the hunger to compete for their seats and make the boat go as fast as possible. Be prepared for bit of a shack up!

This next period will be interesting for the Senior and J16 boys as I decide whether to amalgamate the two groups to form crews or to keep them separate. There will be some testing and crew changes on training camp which will help me decide this, along with the 2000m ergo test that has just taken place. Those who are missing a score will be expected to complete one on camp! The results from this term have been promising, but inconsistent with good results not being backed up. The potential is high and with the desire to perform that these two squads already possess we should be in for a good summer.

I have spent some time cycling with Miss. Failla and Miss. Bruce this term to see how the girls have been getting on through training. I have been impressed with the level of commitment and the general work ethic amongst the squad. I am now looking for that good work ethic to be as consistent as possible, every session pushing the boundaries. Moving over from what has been a squad dominated by racing fours into the eight can be difficult, but 5th at The Schools’ Head (4th UK crew) is a result to be proud of. Having seen the training plan for Sabaudia already, I expect the girls to have a great week and believe they will come out of Italy ready to compete on a National stage where they belong. I’m looking forward to spending some time on the water watching how this squad develops in preparation for National Schools’ Regatta.

The switch to the coxed four for the WJ15 girls I believe is a positive move. They may not have the strength to be overly competitive in the quad, but BMS has a history in the WJ15 4+ and I know the coaching team are going to be working hard with this group to try and recreate the crew of last season. I believe the training camp will give this group the opportunity to make some great steps forward and start some momentum ready for the regatta season.

Here’s to a tough training camp and working towards many tankards in the Summer Term!

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