Sabaudia – The Journey

Well, we’ve made it, a whole day early!

After the initial discussions about which direction to go and after measuring the trailer, we decided we would head for the Mont Blanc tunnel rather than Switzerland. We had planned to reach Lyon by the end of day 1, giving us a day and a half to cover the mountains and Italy. This gave us plenty of time to rest, enjoy the scenery and take it easy.

However, things didn’t quite work out like that!

Having reached Lyon in good time, we had some “issues” with fitting the trailer in the hotel car park, as in it wouldn’t fit. This was just a small mistake with the booking and was nobodies fault, except Mr. Bygraves! After 45 minutes had passed we decided to advance with the trip and find a hotel on the side of the road.

We completely missed the Mont Blanc tunnel, so with the majority of the mountains behind us as well as 250 miles and several hours, a sleep in the truck was required!! It definitely wasn’t comfortable and it did get surprisingly cold, so this didn’t last long! Onwards!!!

The hired vehicle that we are using is extremely easy to drive and tows exceptionally well, so we covered the rest of the trip in day 2, arriving in Sabaudia at 14:30pm.

We have been shown around and look forward to the rest of the group joining us. The sun is shining and is around 22 degrees. We are set to have a cracking week, we just need some rowers!

Enjoy the early start and save travels!!

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