We’ve arrived! Day one in Sabaudia

After a very early start to training camp, we had (thankfully!) a very smooth journey to Heathrow airport. This set the tone for the day, and although we didn’t want to speak too soon, we even managed to get all 55 students (and all staff!) through check-in, security, and the temptations of terminal 5 at breakfast time without a single lost passport or person. We almost took over an entire BA flight to Rome, igniting a lot of interest from fellow passengers and flight attendants in our rowing camp, and although some managed to get some sleep on the plane, others were vigilant through fear of Miss Failla’s camera snaps of unsuspecting sleeping victims!

On arrival in Rome, we met our driver for transfer to our hotel, where we checked in just in time for lunch. After a gigantic portion of pasta, which turned out to be only the first of 3 courses, we made our way to the lake to finish rigging boats and start the first session of the week. Although this was only supposed to be a gentle paddle to stretch the legs, the seniors enjoyed a 16k battle paddle on the rowing lake. The weather was fine, and the J15s took the session towards sunset, before we retuned to the hotel for yet another substantial meal of pasta with crayfish, followed by white fish, sautéed potatoes and salad, and topped off with lemon custard and cherry profiterole.

Although tired from a long day, the whole group are looking forward to an excellent week of productive training, team bonding and good Italian food and sunshine. There have even been requests for textbooks to be retrieved from the van to allow revision to be commenced during downtime tomorrow! Before bed this evening, we celebrated Alex Whitham’s birthday with a serenade from Andrew Whitaker accompanied by some “phat beats” from Jamie Rogers.

Lots of Love, Mrs. Corbett.

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