Day 2: Sabaudia By Coral and Georgia

We had an early start this morning starting at 7am for breakfast. After breakfast, we made our way down to the lake for our morning training. This started at 8am for the senior boats and we all rowed around 16km. We developed our technique in this training session and we benefited from the stability of the calm water. The session ended two hours later, when the boats were all ready for the J15’s to swap in. The sun was already giving people Lycra tan lines and it was a good session where we were worked hard.

We spent our late morning with some free time revising in the sun and discovering the town. In the town, we met some interesting  locals who tried their English out,  as we tried to understand it.

After lunch we had our afternoon session which was resistance work, using a bungee wrapped around the boat to disturb the stream line. Again, we did about 16km, half the boat at a time would do power strokes working on using their legs to carry the rest of the crew and the boat along, whilst racing against Senior boys boats. The real work came when we had to land, it took us around 5 attempts to land.

This summed up our day of training, we ate lots, enjoyed the sun lots and interacted with the locals. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s training, even though our legs and hands are quite sore.

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