Day 3 in Sabaudia by Glen and Tommy

The day kicked off with another early start. With a full stomach we were all ready to head to the lake apart the j15 boys who had a more chilled morning resting and having a video analysis session while the rest of the crews had a tough session on the undisturbed water.

All crews who watched the video analysis found it very helpful, being able to watch our stroke frame by frame and being given constructive criticism to make improvements. With lunch time around the corner all crews were reunited for lunch which was a tasty risotto and scrumptious chicken.

After lunch with much determination the J15’s headed out to the water with a new insight to each individual’s stroke. The crews found the video analysis an eye opener and have progressed rapidly in one day. The coaches have noticed considerable improvement throughout the age groups and we will hopefully see more development in the next following days.

Lots of love Tommy and Glen x

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