Day 4 by Jamie Rogers

We were greeted today by a slightly different scene as warm sunshine was replaced by a shroud of cloud and a reason to wear our new hoodies. Despite the change in weather, we were all keen to get some milage done. The senior squad; consisting of the 1st and 2nd 8’s as well as a coxless 4 with the wolf at the helm got out and decided that the only part of the race that matters is the first 500. Thus the session consisted of starts practise which led into interval training against each other. Much speed was gained as well as many of the crew not being able walk as they got off the water. The J15 boys did a similar session with equal intensity but a back injury from a certain big lad 💪 caused the session to end short. This however did not stop the determination of the squad and so they finished the session on the ergos. The J16 girls split the eight in half which became 2 4’s as they powered some huge 2ks down the lake with them swapping seats each piece. The J15 girls got out and did 4 8 minute rate builds to help build up cardio and endurance whilst keeping the technique good. An all round good morning and a well deserved lunch for everyone (it was lots of cheese, omnomnomnom).

Later on that day saw a deviation from the normal rowing as we asked Jamie Rogers where the beach was and his gargantuan biceps directed us just behind the lake to the Mediterranean Sea. A nice walk over there and some tactical avoidance of the Italian military led us to a nice stretch of beach where the fun and games commenced. The first activity of the evening was some “heavily supervised” wrestling in which people of similar size and weight battle to see who watched too much WWE. We later engaged in some bulldog (non contact obviously) as well as some free time consisting of football and burying Adam Cook in the sand. A quick wash down at the boating area ended a very nice day.

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