Day 5 by Callum McIntyre

Today started with a pretty tough session for all squads. The sun was red hot like Dom Pickett’s newly dyed red hair. We took a majority of the boats out on the water for some cheeky practise starts. Two sets of 10x one minute bursts with 30 seconds rest left all crews climbing out of the boats being barely able to walk.

Next was lunch, great as usual, but a few of the J16 crew took to the town to scout out the local pizzeria for some extra carbs (after some intense revision). Half of the senior squad then enjoyed a more pleasant session on the water in smaller boats consisting of fours, pairs and doubles, while the other half laboured through a sweaty gym session, led by the gym master Mr. Ruta.

The evening was headlined with the annual training camp quiz, after a slight incident with a certain Toby Harris and Alex Ventisei, managing to break a lift of weight capacity 370 kilos (obviously because they were too massive). The quiz went well, with the winning team now preparing for the head to head race against the coaches eight tomorrow, coxed by Toby Harris, after he won the interesting cox audition, involving lots of shouting.

One day left and we are looking to get the best out of tomorrow’s sessions before the departure on Saturday.

Regard, Callum and thr rest of the crew!

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