Marlow Regatta

On the 20th of June 2015 the BMS first eight went to the Eton Dorney rowing lake (the 2012 Olympic rowing course) to compete in Marlow Regatta. This event sported particular importance because it could be a deciding factor for our pre-qualification to Henley Royal Regatta. A few days before the event we were informed that we would not be competing in the IM3 catagory as we thought, instead we were to be in the IM2 catagory because of the sweep points won from Bedford Regatta. In Marlow Regatta a time trial is done at the start of the day for each catagory, then the entries are sorted into seperate finals (A,B,C,D,etc.), we felt that our time trial had gone well and especially during the warm-up we knew the boat was running well. Over 1900m we recorded a time of about 6 minutes, this placed us 13th of the roughly 30 entries. Although happy with our performance sadly we just missed out on the B final, and had to instead race the C final. We ended up in a final similar to the semifinal that we had in National Schools Regatta, with Borlase and KGS on either side of us we knew that the race would be close and a good start would be important.

After our five hour wait we were finally on the water again, and our warm-up on the way to the start line again felt good. At the start of the race despite our efforts in the start KGS had a monster first 250m and pulled ahead of the rest of the field by about half a length. Meanwhile we held level with Borlase and focused on having a good rythm and gaining back on KGS. At 1000m Autumn made a call for a 20 stroke burst with the speed to be maintained for the rest of the race and the result was KGS creeping further into everyones periferal vision. Borlase on our right was dropping off a little but were definitly still a threat as we moved towards the last 500, we began winding up in our last effort to nudge ahead of KGS’ bow ball which at this point was very close, however on the outside right of the course Eton had the same idea. In the end we were not quite able to catch KGS and Eton managed to get their bow ball ahead of ours by a matter of inches on the finish, Borlase (who beat up to the final in Nat Schools) fell off the pace and finished 4th. We were happy with our race and are looking forward to making small improvements for Henley, which hopefully given this result we should be pre-qualified for. Thanks to Mr Bavington for his coaching and driving skills.

Report by Alex Ventisei

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