This Weekend…

This weekend we have the first of the social events organised by the Parents’ Support Group in the form of the Boathouse BBQ. This is a great opportunity to catch up with other parents and have a chat with the coaching team. 

All the rowing sessions will be happening as usual. The girls’ Yr9 group will be off the water in time to join in with the BBQ. 

Unfortunately I am unable to attend due to a coaching conference. I’m sure the event will run like clockwork and be fun for all. 

Mr Bavington. 

1 Week in….

Now that the initial dust has settled on the start of term all the squads are making real progress both on the water, in the gym and are once again learning to love the sound of that ergo fan!!

The introduction of the Rowing Suite on the school site has been a great addition to our facilities. This is allowing the staff to use the Swingulator to work on technique, hold specific core stability sessions and of course, use the ergos for additional mileage. Having this facility on site is also a big step forward to bridging the gap between the rowers and the other sports, giving rowing a physical presence at BMS.

The Yr9 rowing sessions are proving very popular in this first half term . I am hoping that by making the water sessions mixed gender this should allow the students the flexibility to work around their other sporting commitments. Students are welcome at either sessions, or both if they wish to. The coaching team also think that by mixing the boys’ and girls’ squads this should help with the development of both squads; the boys’ learning finesse from the girls’, and the girls’ learning a bit of brute force from the boys’!

The PSG are also back organising the first of the social event in the form of the Boat Club BBQ. This is a great event to catch up with other parents, talk to the coaches and watch the normally hectic octuple regatta on the back river. If you wish to attend the event then please return the reply slip.
BMS Rowing BBQ 2015

I have also appointed the two Captains for this year; Kieran Smith leading the Boys’ Squad and Autumn Mackay leading the Girls’. Both submitted a good written application with many ideas of how we can improve BMSBC and also came across very well in their interview. I am confident that both students will do an excellent job at representing and leading their respective squads’ in the 2015-16 season.

The coaches are currently putting together race entries for St Neot’s Head on the 4th October and Bedford Head on the 11th.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the river bank supporting BMSBC throughout this season where hopefully we shall win many events!

Mr Bavington
Director of Rowing

J14 Rowing Sessions

Due to the year 9 rowing sessions clashing with numerous other clubs and activities, we have decided to make the after school sessions held on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s open to both boys and girls.

You have the option to attend either of the sessions or both if you wish to.

Please get changed quickly and meet a member of the rowing staff at the sports hall ready to run to the boathouse.