Race Report – Eliza Ball

This year has been a very tough and full on year in terms of training, and St. Neots Head was our first opportunity to see how much our hard work had paid off.

Last year I was lucky enough to win my category and I was racing against some of the same rowers, so was definitely feeling the pressure. The start of the course is always very interesting to steer, and after several near misses with crashing, I made it to the town bridge where I was greeted by some very loud cheering from coaches, other rowers and many other supporters which encouraged me to keep pushing, and soon after this point I managed to overtake the rower in front, who was in my category.

By pushing past her boat, I also gained on a double near the end of the race, and this quickly became a race between our two boats to finish first. This, I know forced me into a strong finish. I felt I had done better than last year but wasn’t sure if it was enough to win my category.

As I was one of the last to row I didn’t find out the results until the very end. It was great to hear how well the BMS boat club had done overall, and I was really pleased to find out I had contributed to its success. Well done to everyone who rowed, and good luck for all the races this year.

Eliza Ball
Winner of WJ16 1x

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