Star Head Report – Miss Failla

Our second home race of the 2015/16 season was on Sunday at Star Head. A selection of boats raced from both the boys and girls squads, with fantastic support from the parents in the smart new black gazebo!
The boys had some strong results in various categories throughout the day. The senior boys 4+, 4x, 2x produced fast times to take the wins, along with the J15 4x racing fast enough to pip our B boat for the win. The J16 boats narrowly missed out on coming second in both categories but gaining good racing experience.
Racing on the girls side began with two singles, finishing just 3 seconds apart to place 2nd and 4th. Due to illness some switches had to be made but nevertheless the girls supported each other to race well. The WIM3 8+ finished in a time of 07:37 of which it had some girls stepping back in after a term of Hockey/Netball and a complete novice rower who started rowing in late September.
All three WJ15 4x raced very well throughout the day, unfortunately just missing out on winning. The senior girls 8+ lead off Division 4 to win their category, producing the fastest women’s time of the day
The day was wrapped off with the WJ14 girls racing for the first time in an Octo with our Girls Captain coxing, there was a lot of nerves and excitement! The girls warmed up to the top very professionally to then race the mini head from Star to the finish line. Only 2 crabs were caught with smooth recoveries, every girls held good technique and worked hard to start of their rowing/racing season! We are excited to see their progression throughout the year!
A good way to end the 2015 racing season, with positive performances from all squads.

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