GB April Regatta Report

A busy weekend has been rounded off by three students attending the GB April Regatta, part of the selection process for the Team GB Junior Rowing Team. Natalie Graham competed in the WJ 2- in a composite crew with Rachel Heap from Nottingham Rowing Club. This combination has competed previously and has shown promise, despite … Continue reading GB April Regatta Report

JIRR Report – J16 4+

This fine morning, the tunes were flowing in the mini bus like the love for rowing flows through our veins! We arrived at the course really excited for the first regatta of the year. As we saw the course in Nottingham, there was a naughty tailwind. The first challenge of the day came when we … Continue reading JIRR Report – J16 4+

DAY 6 – Boys’ & Girls’ Captain of Boat’s.

Breakfast started nicely with an unnamed member of the senior squad coating the dining room floor with his morning hydration, and then decorating the stairs with last nights dinner... (Alex then spent the rest of the day in bed watching the all time classic 'dinoshark' and is now feeling much better) This left the quad … Continue reading DAY 6 – Boys’ & Girls’ Captain of Boat’s.

Sabaudia – Day 3 – The Senior Girls

Day three in the Sabaudia camp. After spending the previous evening watching videos of our rowing we attempted to apply the constructive criticism given by our individual coaches; this session proved helpful as all of the crews improved in the sessions throughout the day despite various changes in lineups. The first session was based around … Continue reading Sabaudia – Day 3 – The Senior Girls