Sabaudia – Day 2

After a long day of traveling the Day 1 report was abandoned due to sleep requirements.

Glen Mulkerrins and Sam Hodgkiss have combined to write the Day 2 report!!!!

As the alarm in the room sounds at 6:30am, we wake up, open up the curtains, and love for rowing flows through our veins. All pupils descended upon Le Palme Hotel’s dining room. Here we faced a big decision, the chocolate tart or the croissant, the orange juice or the pineapple juice. After this, as we started our journey to the lake, we opened the hotel doors and were met by a crisp and refreshing Sabaudian breeze.

We arrived at the lake and felt like we were in heaven. The morning sunshine broke through the clouds and filled the sky with its luminous rays. The quad had a sweet technical session making many gains around the back end.  

Senior girls went out in fours, some only for their second experience on this wonderful lake. With the sea of red and black blades paddling down to the bottom of the lake, there was a big focus on technique, which has evidently payed off for them.  

As the men hopped into David Gillard, spirits were high. We were all focused and determined to have a good technical session. While Hodge, backed up by Mulk, set the chunkiest rhythm in Sabaudia, even better than the Ukranian Olympic squad, we laid down some big cover out of the stern.  

In the afternoon, with our bodies refueled after a big lunch back at the hotel, we went back to the lake to smash out 3x2k. This being the first high rate piece of camp, everyone was feeling good. This was an opportunity to take our technical focus from the morning, and put it into some race piece rowing. This was a good first high rate session which will set everyone up well for the challenging but rewarding week ahead.  

This evening we got to see the coaches perspective of our rowing, with some video analysis. This was very useful and we can now move forward into the week ahead, and hopefully as a squad make some big gains. 💪 

Lots of Love xoxo 

Sam Hodgkiss and Glen Mulkerrins

Aka Hodge x Mulk

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