Sabaudia – Day 3 – The Senior Girls

Day three in the Sabaudia camp.

After spending the previous evening watching videos of our rowing we attempted to apply the constructive criticism given by our individual coaches; this session proved helpful as all of the crews improved in the sessions throughout the day despite various changes in lineups. The first session was based around technical work, as the crews tried to apply all of the technical points raised by the coaches the night before. There was positive feedback from the majority of the crews from the squad as we took on all the points.

A nice surprise for lunch was pasta, which fueled us for the 1.5k timed pieces that followed. All senior crews alongside a junior 15 girls quad raced three of these pieces; combined with the 25 degrees sun this proved to become a hard session! With the entire squad showing significant improvements from the previous day; so although it was a tough session, it felt a beneficial one that has produced some promising results that have motivated us to push on harder through the rest of the week.

(Written mainly by Georgia, with occasional input and scrutiny by Hannah, Voirrey, Corinne, Ella and Dobby) 

Pic…. Senior Boys Quad enjoying the early morning conditions.

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