Day 4 – WJ15 Squad

The morning started with none of us ready for a day with Anja, we made fun of Anja all day, well all camp to be honest but she’s takes it like a champ and we couldn’t do it without her.

We stuffed our faces with cake for breakfast which made us buzzing for this mornings session, which was in an eight with the senior girls, where we showed them how it’s done! Steph made a really unattractive rowing face but at least she was pulling hard. Zoe did the usual looking out of the boat- we think it’s because she’s checking out the Hungarian men;)
We had our first session with Miss Failla; where we did some two minute bursts on the way up and down of the lake whilst the coaches were following us in the launch. The eight was good and Anja made some good calls, and her steering was ‘interesting’. Once we got back to our rooms, Zoe thought it would be funny to drop a shelf on the cleaner. RIP cleaner. 
After lunch we tried to do some ‘revision’ outside but Austin was being annoying so we didn’t really do much.  

Anja acted like a 9 year old at the beach whilst building a sand fortress with an added moat whilst Lara was being a show off with her gymnastic skills. As we were tired from our earlier session, we decided to just chill out and watch the rest of the squad run up and down the beach, much more relaxing!! 

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