DAY 6 – Boys’ & Girls’ Captain of Boat’s.

Breakfast started nicely with an unnamed member of the senior squad coating the dining room floor with his morning hydration, and then decorating the stairs with last nights dinner… (Alex then spent the rest of the day in bed watching the all time classic ‘dinoshark’ and is now feeling much better)
This left the quad able to do the much needed beach weights. Sams attire raised some eyebrows and jakes bench press rinsing us all.. Despite this Kieran left with a massive pump on.

In the mean time the J15&J16 boys bashed out some great battle paddling in eights.

The novice girls eight were doing 1min&2min pieces with some starts and made some great steps forward. Shout out to the J15s who were killing themselves in that to produce some strong scores.

The senior girls were out in fours doing 500m work, and all made big gear changes laying down some beans.

The J16&senior boys fours were both out doing some intense power water work side by side. The session was very powerful and useful despite a slight altercation with the Ukrainian national team Womens quad… Who are quite frankly more than big enough to intimidate the entire senior and coach teams.

In the afternoon the girls did a large leg day sesh in the gym, leaving their coxes Georgia&Corrine&Anja feeling rather sorry for themselves..

It’s safe to say the week has been enjoyed by everyone, especially the J15s who’ve had a little taste of the senior squads chat.

Thank you to all of the coaches for making this possible and bringing us back to Sab.

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