Delayed Day 5!

The weather today would have certainly stopped anyone missing home; chilly rain and wind set the scene for Day 5 in Sabaudia.

The first session saw the forming of an eight made up from a combination of WJ15’s-17’s. There was a great focus in the boat whilst the crew built up their summer session starts. They began to find a fantastic base speed, which continued into their 1500m timed piece in the afternoon.  

The Senior girls coxed and coxless fours went out to work on their technical skills in the first session before a hard interval session in the afternoon. The crews made some good changes in the morning and the high speed interval session gave them the belief that they have what it takes to compete at the Championship level at National Schools Regatta. So much brute force was being deployed that an oar was broken; one guess as to who it was… Miss Graham! 

The boys J16 8+ had a technical day with some strong power strokes in the afternoon. Solid effort made by the crew during the power water work in a tough wind, lead by Miss Bruce and Henry Black they fought against a head wind to complete almost 8k of work.  

The seniors did a mixture of boats during the day with some technical and speed work in the morning, to finish the day with a 1500m time trial in a tail wind. Some good racing was done on some tired legs. Some of the results were very impressive and the boys should be happy with their performances! 

The day was rounded off with the BMSBC Training Camp Quiz. With the students contributing towards the questions we had a wide range of categories. Toby Harris has an exceptional talent and knowledge for film making, with the film round being especially difficult! The quiz was rounded off by the coaches round with a question about each member of staff; it was quite alarming just how much the students knew! Although the guessing the combined ages of staff lead to a wide range of answers!   

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