Nottingham City Regatta – Georgia Goddard

After a hard week of training the girls senior squad went to Nottingham city regatta in order to put the valuable changes we had made last week into practise. The squad took two boats to the event, a coxless four and an eight. The four raced first and was made up of Nat graham, Voirrey Taylor, (myself) Georgia Goddard and Hannah Cowie. This being our first coxless race we were excited, slightly nervous and very optimistic to see what we could do after various techinal changes in the week. 

We had a strong start, putting ourselves immediately ahead of the other boats and managed to find our mid race pace comfortably. After reaching 1k into the 2km lake, we were making considerable distance over the other boats, with the boat in second (GMS) being roughly half a length behind us. As we continued to pull away from the rest of the boats, the boat in second held their distance from us, which panicked us and as a result, we ended up losing touch with out race strangely. This resulted in a gruelling last 750m as GMS began to catch up with us. Despite maintaining a lead for the whole way of the course, in the last 50m our lack of confidence resulted in us finishing almost identically with GMS- which resulted in them piping us to the line by an incredibly frustrating 0.02 seconds. 

As we found out, lessons are best learnt the hard way- which are also definitely better learnt two weeks before national schools!

The senior girls eight racing in the women’s IM2 category was made up of Hannah Cowie, (myself) Georgia Goddard, Natalie Graham, Voirrey Taylor, Emma Dobson, Izzy Glanvill, Eliza Ball, Ella Monaghan and coxed by Corinne McWilliams. 

We had a consistent first race finishing third and qualifying for the final later that day. The women’s crews mostly consisted of university women’s crews, with us being only one of two school boat clubs entered! Out of all 12 boats, we managed to qualify for the final posting the fourth fastest time. 

Due to the indication of our speed through being placed 4th in the heats, we were thus aiming to match this position in the final. However, a well executed race plan, and with lessons learnt earlier in the day from the girls in the four we managed to place third. Our start wasn’t executed as well as we would have hoped, but our newly found confidence enabled us to row through three boats. We are extremely happy with third place considering we exceeded our performance in the heat earlier in the day, and we feel as though we are in a good place for national schools in two weeks time.

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