Quintin Head

This year’s Quintin Head saw the event run from Hammersmith Bridge to past Chiswick bridge, a section of the school’s head course in reverse, always a challenging test. A strong field of crews, in relatively good conditions for the tideway, a holding wind on the main straight of the course.

The School first VIII were heading off 47th, just behind Reading Bluecoat School. They managed to close the gap across the 15 minutes, overall beating them by 8 seconds. Radley college boat club gave our boys a good push for a large section of the race as they overtook, but a strong crew from Radley who finished second in the category. An encouraging performance from the boys, with areas to work on moving forwards.

The Senior Girls had a great start to their race, initially gaining on the very fast St Pauls crew who went off ahead of them. A good tussle with Surbiton High school for a large section kept our girls honest, before they eventually got the better of them, beating them by 10 seconds. The girls finishing 8th in category overall.

The J16’s had their first experience of the tideway, in a relatively steep learning curve for them! Off in a very strong field of crews, and being hunted by the Women’s Cambridge University boat club crew, they soon learnt that the Thames is a big river! In a fast sandwich, they managed to just about keep control of their race, and despite not having the result they had hoped for, will look to improve on these areas before their next test at Hampton this weekend.

All results can be found at: Quintin Head Results

Photos can also be found online at the Rowing Photography website: Quintin Head Photos

Mr Satchwill

Cambridge Head To Head

Whilst the older year groups were in London over the weekend, year 10 boys and girls competed in Cambridge at their Winter ‘Head to Head’. 

BMSBC took a J15 Boy’s 8+ of Rob Lay, Ed Harris, Jack Hill, Josh Drake, Austin Lawrence, Jack Cook, Jake Young and Aaron Smith coxed by Alex Hogben.  Two J15 Girls coxed quads of Imogen Eales, Jess Read, Lizzie Rowe, Abbie Davis coxed by Anja Wharton and the other quad of Lauren Burchell, Hannah Heappey, Charlotte Andrew and Katie Gell, coxed by Maia White, all raced the 2000m downstream course, to stop, spin and race back on themselves. 
 The boys hadn’t had many outings before the race and with a few illnesses on the day, they went out, gelled as a crew and performed well! As the wind picked up a lot of speed on the way back, the boys had to be really technically focused. Together they worked well and managed a win!
 All of the girls went out showing their competitive edge, trying to work and push off their opposition around them. They had taken every thing they had been working on, on board during training, by sculling well and applying grit! It was all worth it when they came home with 1st and 2nd place!

All three crews put in excellent performances, all in all, a very successful day and very encouraging for this weekend in Hampton! Well done team.

Weekend 28/29 January

Final reminders for this weekend…

Cambridge Head 2 Head
Meet at BMS @ 08:20am
Return approx. 13:30pm

Cambridge Head-2-Head Crews

Quintin Head
Meet at BMS @ 07:45am
Race Time: 12:15pm
Return approx. 16:30-17:00

Quintin Head


J15 A Crew – 10:00am to 12:00pm
J14 (Yr9) Crews – 10:00am to 12:00pm

Leggings, long sleeves, hats are all a must!!

Have a fun and successful weekend.

Busy Weekend!

This weekend sees nearly all members of the boat club in action, both training and racing.

The Senior Boys, Girls and J16 Boys eights are all racing at Quintin Head of the river in London. This sees them race the 4800m stretch from Hammersmith bridge to past Chiswick Bridge. This will be a good test for all crews in a strong field. The start order and draw can be found at: Quintin Head Start Order

Our J15 Boys and Girls are over in Cambridge racing at the Head 2 Head. A good event, which sees the students race over two legs, and the cumulative time resulting in the finish order. They race on the Cam from Chesterton railway bridge to the A14 road bridge, and back. There is a document on the event information page on the website with more information should you need it. The draw and start order can be found at: Cambridge Head 2 Head Draw

Sunday is no day of rest for the coaches… they are back down with the other half of the J15 boys and the large J14 squad, let’s hope we can have the same as last weekend with a great turnout of nearly 40 students!

Mr Satchwill

Northampton Head of the Nene

A relatively small number of athletes from Bedford Modern raced at Northampton head of the river on Saturday and despite the bitterly cold weather, it proved a highly successful day for the boat club.

We managed to collect three wins, the J15 boys A crew, the girls J15 4x+ and Imogen Eales and Jess Read in the J15 2x. An impressive result for the boys eight, who were actually racing in a Mens Intermediate category, and also managed to post the fastest time recorded of the day, taking the win by just 0.8 seconds! A strong performance by these boys; Sam Szeto, Matt Fox, Arjun Patel, Aaron Smith, Caleb Avis, Tim Evans, Ethan Carr, Ed Harris and Jake Young, well done to them.

The girl’s quad also managing to win their event by a narrow margin, this time to our second boat in the event. The winning crew was Imogen Eales, Hannah Heappey, Lauren Burchell and Molly Kemble coxed by Anja Wharton.

Jess Read and Imogen Eales then teamed up for their double in the afternoon managing to dominate the event and collect the final win for the boat club.

All athletes raced well on the day, despite the tricky conditions, and another collection of pots for the boat club. Well done to all.


Mr Satchwill

Star Club – New Year’s Head

The boat club had a good showing at a pretty miserable Star New Year Head. The expected January heavy rain arrived and meant for pretty nasty rowing, and coaching conditions!

The boys first VIII was the first crew down of the day, and quickly set the pace, posting the fastest time of the day and only crew to go under 6 minutes. A strong race and performance from them, collecting the headship at local events is always important. The J15 boys also managing a good row, of their first event racing in an eight, they managed a strong time and managed to collect a win in their J15 category. Well done to those boys: Sam Szeto, Mathew Fox, Arjun Patel, Aaron Smith, Caleb Avis, Tim Evans, Ethan Carr, Matej Sanders and Jake Young.

The senior girls set the pace on the women’s side, posting the fastest women’s time of the day, and taking a win in the Women’s Coxless quads event. Hannah Cowie, Izzy Glanvill, Eliza Ball and Ella Monaghan. There was also a positive result for the double of Natalie Graham and Voirrey Taylor who outclassed their opposition. The J15 girls, although narrowly missing out on a few wins, some very credible second places and a good outfit of performances.

The boat club will now move forward to prepare for this weekend where the younger crews race at Northampton head of the river, before the senior crews compete in London next weekend at Quintin Head, a strong test for them there.


Mr Satchwill