Busy Weekend!

This weekend sees nearly all members of the boat club in action, both training and racing.

The Senior Boys, Girls and J16 Boys eights are all racing at Quintin Head of the river in London. This sees them race the 4800m stretch from Hammersmith bridge to past Chiswick Bridge. This will be a good test for all crews in a strong field. The start order and draw can be found at: Quintin Head Start Order

Our J15 Boys and Girls are over in Cambridge racing at the Head 2 Head. A good event, which sees the students race over two legs, and the cumulative time resulting in the finish order. They race on the Cam from Chesterton railway bridge to the A14 road bridge, and back. There is a document on the event information page on the website with more information should you need it. The draw and start order can be found at: Cambridge Head 2 Head Draw

Sunday is no day of rest for the coaches… they are back down with the other half of the J15 boys and the large J14 squad, let’s hope we can have the same as last weekend with a great turnout of nearly 40 students!

Mr Satchwill

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