Cambridge Head To Head

Whilst the older year groups were in London over the weekend, year 10 boys and girls competed in Cambridge at their Winter ‘Head to Head’. 

BMSBC took a J15 Boy’s 8+ of Rob Lay, Ed Harris, Jack Hill, Josh Drake, Austin Lawrence, Jack Cook, Jake Young and Aaron Smith coxed by Alex Hogben.  Two J15 Girls coxed quads of Imogen Eales, Jess Read, Lizzie Rowe, Abbie Davis coxed by Anja Wharton and the other quad of Lauren Burchell, Hannah Heappey, Charlotte Andrew and Katie Gell, coxed by Maia White, all raced the 2000m downstream course, to stop, spin and race back on themselves. 
 The boys hadn’t had many outings before the race and with a few illnesses on the day, they went out, gelled as a crew and performed well! As the wind picked up a lot of speed on the way back, the boys had to be really technically focused. Together they worked well and managed a win!
 All of the girls went out showing their competitive edge, trying to work and push off their opposition around them. They had taken every thing they had been working on, on board during training, by sculling well and applying grit! It was all worth it when they came home with 1st and 2nd place!

All three crews put in excellent performances, all in all, a very successful day and very encouraging for this weekend in Hampton! Well done team.

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