GB Trials – Long Distance Trial

The second water assessment for the GB junior rowing trials took place during half term over the second weekend.  Hannah Cowie and Glen Mulkerrins were competing whilst Voirrey Taylor was unfortunately not able to attend due to an injury.

On Saturday Hannah competed in the single, finishing 44th. Hannah was then paired up with a girl from Chester-le-Street rowing club to form a composite pair for the Sunday time trial where she managed to finish 10th out of 11 pairs.

Glen Mulkerrins was racing in a composite pair on Saturday with a boy from Winchester College finishing 36th in the time trial. Unfortunately he was unable to improve on his result as he raced on Sunday.

Both students competed well but will need to continue improving to match the very high standard set at the GB Rowing trials. Some internal focus into the school programme will ensure these standards are met. A strong achievement to have made it to these trials nonetheless.

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