Day1 in Sabaudia

Having arrived Saturday afternoon we have had the chance to get everything ready for when the students arrive later today, all the boats unloaded and ready to hit the water. We’ve had fairly faultless drive sharing the time behind the wheel and many entertaining stories shared. Mr Satchwill managed to stay awake for some of the journey but mainly liked looking at the insides of his eyelids!!

The weather is fantastic, currently 20 degrees, but feels much warmer when compared to the mild British spring. Mr White was starting to question the length of the drive, but having visited the hotel, lake and the beach this afternoon, he shares my view of just how perfect Sabaudia is for a training camp.

I understand that everyone is on the plane and currently somewhere in the air between Luton and Rome, so thank you for being prompt with drop offs and meeting at the airport.

Students will be “blogging” daily so please keep visiting the website and commenting on the posts.


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