Sabaudia Day 2 – Imogen Eales & Hannah Heappey

Today was an early start morning at 6:30am we had breakfast and were then off to rig up our boats. With all our boats being rigged we got onto the water for our first session of the week. 

Both WJ15 crews started off with light warm ups just to get us back in the swing of things and get to grips with the size and circulation of the lake. Our second session was after lunch, consisted of three 2K’s which resulted in us rowing a total of 12k in one session… bit of a change from Bedford but enjoying the challenging sessions. 

The J15 boys also had a great start to the week kicking off with a paddle and then a competitive row against the J16’s and Seniors which proved a challenge but demonstrated the true BMS spirit. Their hands are looking bit of a mess but the staff are patching them up well. 

We returned for dinner after the first day of rowing in a while to a big bowl of risotto, chicken and potatoes, followed by an ice cream and sponge cake; plenty to keep us going! After dinner we met with our crews and coaches to review some video footage of our first two sessions to look what could make the rest of the week slightly easier and make the boats move faster in preparation for regatta season which starts as soon as we get back. 

And now after the first day we are all off to bed early to get some well earned sleep ready for the rest of the week.
Hannah and Imi

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