Sabaudia Day 3 – Toby Harris

Day 3 of camp is going as we all expected, bodies hurting, hands bleeding and banter flowing. After getting Mr Bav a cheeky model of a bridge from the senior squad, morale was high going into the first session of the day. Despite Sam Hodgkiss and Toby Harris blowing early in the week there was some absolute Big Lad being laid down as the crews pull together, as Mr Ruta says ‘They are the greatest starts I have seen in my rowing career’, Mr Bav adding ‘Blimey! If I was in that boat I wouldn’t row again as rowing doesn’t get better than that’ and Mr White saying ‘So what is the difference between Rowing and Kayaking?’. Overall a session Steve Redgrave would be Jealous of.

***Quotes may be completely false!***

In contrast to the morning, the whole camp heard the devastating news that Monkman and his team lost the final of University challenge with Alex saying ‘I don’t know whats real and whats not anymore’ and taking a good 3 hours to come out his room and come down for the second session of the day. With 3x1k pieces looming over the crews, pain, sweat, tears and Glen’s ‘pulling hard’ face were inevitable. All the lads (and gals) put in heroic performances, other than Jack Colliver… Jack lost a GPS stroke coach in the lake… Jack’s getting a punishment tomorrow… Jack is going to regret losing the stroke coach. Back on the land Will Thornton was busy smashing out a chunky session in the gym to achieve what can only be described as a pump to end all pumps with biceps Arnold Schwarzenegger would be jealous of.

Dinner time was fast approaching and Sam Kav is still on his way back from the lake after his ‘innovative’ steering. Around the dinner table various bets were made regarding vinegar, chilli powder and lots and lots of press-ups. The highlight however belongs to birthday boy J16 Rajesh Paul who had the pleasure of sitting at the Seniors table who received a rendition of Happy Birthday, Mozart would be jealous of.

All in all the camp is riding high so far but we are approaching the notorious 4th day where friendships are broken, families are torn apart, wars are started and Alex thinks its a great idea to have another go in the lift after being banned from it the last two years. The day as a whole contained creation of gains God would be Jealous of.


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