Sabaudia Day 4 – Matthew Fox & Aaron Smith

The day started off with an averagely cheeky breakfast before members of both senior squads as well as the J15 first boat headed off down to the  lake for an incredibly sensual technical session, including a number of roll ups and push backs causing some “excited” cries from members of the crew such as Caleb Avis.

All 3 crews then transitioned into some side by side battle paddling at low rates, where although we put up a valiant fight across 30 or so seconds, the boys first eight cleanly pulled from our J15 men’s eight (as we didn’t want to qualify for Henley too soon). The senior girls quad then put up a strong side by side battle towards the finish at which point we used an “alternative paddling strategy” lead by stroke man Matej Sanders to cross the line in first, better luck next time….

After lunch all crews then went down to the beach for a number of activities, with an especially notable display of athletics in bull dog by Sam  Szeto

This evening will include the annual quiz and we’re looking forward to the rest of our rowing in the second half of the week.

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