Sabaudia Day 5 – Sam Hodgkiss

This fine morning a silky and smooth mist covered the clean, smooth water of Lake Sabaudia. As some men strolled into breakfast, the frolleni (Italian biscuits) were calling. As Sam White tried to bulk, everyone got a bit of munch on board.

The usual stroll to the lake took its toll on some boiz, leaving us a bit blown, especially the usual suspects. When we saw Mr Bavington, we decided to give him some chat to stop him roasting us with 3 x 2k’s and thankfully he had already decided, conveniently, it would be better for us to do some battle paddling with the J16 and J15 men. With the most honourable performance coming from the 15’s, holding off the 16’s. We rowed 16km as a group pushing each other hard and successfully finished the session with no casualties.

Lunch improved, since there was no fish to try and get down, and the Toby vs Glen show down is still at a draw; both currently have finished every meal. With the guest of honour at the senior table being Sam Szeto, we departed again to the lake for another session.

At the river, suddenly Mr Bav turned into Iain Weir (Rowing Photography), getting artsy with the camera, #angles. After drifting the whole session the men made their way into the gym to get the largest pump on that this earth has ever seen, we threw some tin around and got some “naughty” footage for our camp film. Next up was press up time, after Toby’s strong show of press ups throughout the week, he was starting to fall behind the pace with Kav and Alex knocking out the big ones.

With another unsuccessful search for pizza completed the senior squad relaxed this afternoon in anticipation of a harder day tomorrow. Mr White, Mr Honnor and Mr Ruta have worked us hard today in the revision room, with Yr11-13 all having a solid 2 hours in complete silence!


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