Sabaudia Day 6 – Senior Girls

The day started with Dobby falling asleep in her porridge, we have hit the point in the week where days merge into one, people smash their phones (Izzy Donkin) and people break their riggers, she says it was because she was pulling hard, we believe otherwise (Dobby Dobson). After our defeat against the J15 boys 8 earlier in the week due to certain circumstances (aka cheating) we were set for a rematch this morning. We effortlessly bought the score up to 1 all after taking them within the first 500m, no foul play required. Better luck next time boys… 
After another game of ‘guess the meat’ for lunch and removing any unnecessary sticks from the food, seniors headed to the basement to continue revising, possibly involving an innovative game with a tennis ball to spice up the revision. Second session started with a cheeky singsong of Bohemian Rhapsody on the walk down to the lake to see how much we could fit in, and boats involving Toby Harris and Ella Monaghan in their elite double as they practise for Tokyo 2020. Ella has commented that Toby should work on his steering before this, luckily there is still time. 
Hannah and Voz went out in their trials pair (the elite double may have crashed into them at one point), Izzy Glanvill subbed into the J15 boys 8 and clearly made the boat move faster, not as fast as the girls senior quad however. The boys went in a coxless 4 and a quad – Toby and Ella pulling away from all boats (apparently). 

We are now refuelled with some more interesting and questionable food and a late night ice cream. 
Josh Dogra let’s leave chatting up the LEH girls out of your window for another night, some of us need to sleep. And Lauren Burchell let’s keep all furniture in one piece tonight please. 
Senior Girls Squad 

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