Sabaudia Day 7 – J16 Squad

We all woke this morning feeling very lethargic after several days of concentrated lactic acid building in our muscles, which was now beginning to affect our bodies – but not our minds!!

To quote a wise man “if you can move, you can row.”

We were on session one, which was a gruelling 10×1 minute sprint with only 30 seconds rest between, to be completed TWICE!! The J16’s put their tender bodies on the line fighting the pain, putting all other crews to shame! (Apparently!)

The J15 boys eight had another productive day, working with the Senior Girls this morning. Both boats worked well through the work, and have developed a great little battle between each other throughout the week. As you can imagine, there is plenty riding on the results of tomorrow’s racing!

The WJ15 squad have made huge improvements, and despite the odd niggle, have really shown true BMS resilience to support each other through the testing times. Great progress by all these girls!!

The afternoon brought with it some kinder water, and an enjoyable penultimate session for all involved. The weather has been faultless all week, and some of us are looking like we have been on a beach holiday rather than a training camp, I guess our blisters will show that we haven’t had an easy time!!

Tomorrow brings the last day of camp, where all crews will complete a final 2km race, where the coaches can compare the times between the crews, and the targets set. The lions will be revealed amongst the sheep; the men will be separated from the boys.

Watch out all…

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