Bedford 4’s & 8’s Head

A bottle of Champagne was popped and poured over the bows, christening our brand new Hudson eight. Named after an OBM who attended BMS between the years of 1991-2001, Michael Biggs, or better known as ‘Biggsy’. Dedicating a lot of his own time and effort into the boat club both in his BMS years and currently still, made naming the new first eight not to be a difficult task and a perfect way to recognise his dedication to the boat club. ‘Biggsy’ was to make her debut, racing later on in the day.
Now over to our other stars of the show, our rowers. Bedford Head saw a very competitive bunch from our boat club compete this weekend. Racing on home turf, our crews love to show what they can do on ‘their water’.
Starting off the day we saw a J16 boys fours of Matt Fox, Caleb Avis, Aaron Smith and Jake Young, coxed by Sam Szeto race down the familiar course. After not achieving the result they were hoping four, they teamed up with the rest of their crew and the Senior Boys Squad to form two J16/Senior Boys Eights. Coming 5th and 7th in Open Eights were results they weren’ t too disheartened about, especially when competing against the Bedford School first Eight and other College Crews.
The Senior Boys have been busy on the land. Getting their training done on the ergos and in the gym has proven not to weaken their performance on the water. The four of Glen Mulkerrins, Jack Colliver, Sam Hodgkiss and Tom Rowe, coxed by Georgia Bygraves came away with a dominant victory in Open Fours.
The time had come when Biggsy was to be launched and raced. The Senior boys eight of Jack Colliver, Tom Rowe, Glen Mulkerrins, Sam Hodgkins, Sam White, Joe Walker, Rajesh Paul and Joe Herbert coxed by Zac Wilde had the pleasure to race down the Bedford course achieving third place and 5th place on the overall results of the day. The boys will continue to smash their training and of course continue enjoying doing so in their new boat.
Trying out a slightly new boat type, the J16/Senior girls squad divided into two coxed fours. Pre-race chats consisted of a little uncertainty about not having swept in a while, but after some great advice, being told ‘you’ll be fine’ consequently seemed to work. Racing in Women’s Fours, both boats came off the water feeling like they had a good row, despite only using one oar for a change they achieved first and second place.
Both girls fours got back into their quads which they have been racing in almost every weekend now. With a few races and good results under their belts, they had set the bar high for themselves. Its fair to say the quad of Lizzie Rowe, Jess Read, Imi Eales and Lara Brittain were disappointment with their time, coming second to Star Club. However this hasn’t dampened spirits and has only encouraged more determination.
The J16 girls quad of Katie Gell, Lauren Burchell, Abbie Davis and Jace Woodworth have continued to show improvements these last few weeks, climbing up the results table, they rowed a well steered race resulting in second place.
Aswell as focusing on improving boat speed, the J15 girls have been focusing a lot on their technique which really showed this weekend when slightly different combinations raced. Both quads came away with 3rd and 9th place in a busy category.
The J15 boys have have been working hard to improve their sweep skills in their eights recently. Changes in the crews and few switches are being tried out to achieve the best combinations to race. During the day we saw two eights compete in the J15 Boys Eight category achieving 5th and 7th place.
Another event making Bedford Head such a special day for us was the J14’s  first ever race. Both Boys and Girls Squad’s have taken a particular interest in everything rowing has to offer this year. They have all also shown such a mature approach to their training and have been itching to show off what they’ve been working on these last few weeks.
It all seemed to come together for the girls race. No one caught a crab, no one fell in and everyone stayed roughly in time, making us coaches very proud, coming in 5th place. Unfortunately, due to availability on the boys side, their Octo was unable to race, which is a shame, however theres plenty more races coming up.
It was lovely to see so many supporters along the bank on Sunday. Hearing the roar from our tent really makes all the difference to the rowers as they come by.
This weekend we see five members of our Boat Club attend the GB February Trials in Boston Lincolnshire. We will be sure to inform you on how they get on.
Well rowed BMS.

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