Sabaudia – Friday Blog (WJ15)

Today, the first day of the camp, we had a bright, early start at 6:30am. We made our way down to have a big hearty breakfast of various types of food; there was even chocolate tart!!

We then had a relaxing first hour, before we completed a hard revision session which prepared us for the exciting session of rowing ahead. We then walked the short distance down to the lake which was thankfully a pleasant trip, with plenty to see on the way!

Once we arrived, the water was extremely tough to row on and our main focus was to survive the session as we felt like we were in the middle of the ocean with huge waves! Fortunately we managed to make the best of the situation and battled on for a good outing. After the filling lunch of pasta and chicken we had a stroll down to the town, which was surprisingly quiet due to the Easter weekend, however the ice creams more than made up for it!

We then popped to the supermarket to get some snacks to fuel us up some more for the second session of the day, another tough session in challenging conditions. We were working with the girls in the year above for this session, working on the control up the slide and the rate. Georgia and Ellen tried something new by going in a boat with 2 J16 girls to give sweeping a go! They really enjoyed the new experience and learnt a lot.

The day was ended by another lovely dinner before settling down for bed, can’t wait to start again tomorrow! YEAH MODERN!!!

Georgia Smith, Emily Watson, Phoebe Wright & Hope Chouffot

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