Sabaudia – Saturday Blog


We started our second day with an interesting breakfast of croissants and lots of sugary snacks to fuel all “the boys” for a stormy day at sea. It was a pleasant surprise to have a water session this morning due to the threat of a thunder storm! Taking our first stroke on the water at 8 am, we put in a “big shift” with a power session working on low rate whilst still maintaining power, we took advantage of the water which was as “flat as a pancake!” The men came back exhausted only to work harder as they were given the choice to revise or watch cox Joe Smith eat Frosties with chopsticks! Us intellectual model students of BMSBC concluded the former option shall prevail for our further education on our journey to academic success.

After our daily dose of “mystery meat” at our hotel for lunch we headed off to “pump iron” in the gym, in a hope to “get ripped” for the beach! And of course develop the key muscles needed for rowing. After the hard session we all had trouble exiting the gym door as we were all too huge due to our excessive gains. Before dinner we explored the lovely sights of sabaudia, such as the cereal aisle of the local supermarket – there was everything from Frosties to Cookie Crisp, the selection was most wonderful! We’re hoping the weather will be better tomorrow so we can have two sessions on the water to make up for our lost session this afternoon because of the thunder.

By Ben Williams and Miggy Carr


The day started with a bright early morning due to the senior and J16 boys waking us up for their 5.45 session.

In our first session we reached the end of the 4K lake to practice our race starts for the regatta season soon after we return. However, Miss Bruce’s launch failed to restart… or so she said. After many attempts of giving the throttle some beans, we finally resorted to calling Mr Bavington and Mr Satchwill. Whilst waiting for the rescue boat, whilst in the middle of the lake, the Ukrainian crews kindly taught us some of their language whilst attempting to avoid Miss Bruce and Anja who was convinced that even as a cox, she was ‘a strong independent woman’. Mr Bavington finally arrived after the wash of the Ukrainian boats had died down and he successfully restarted the launch on the first attempt claiming he’s ‘never been so smug in his life’.

During our 2nd and 3rd session we all headed down to the cold, dreaded room to revise where we were all very productive apart from Jess Read who decided sleeping needed to be revised on the sofa. The coaches were not happy with this.

Our 4th session was the highlight of our day where we were all ready for some non-windy Sabaudia weather. There was a WJ15 quad where Hannah Heappey had decided to become the cox. Also, the WJ15’s were treated to the new coxless quad + Lara Brittain in the borrowed Hudson USP boat and a WJ16 coxed four with questionable sweeping skills… We had a “lovely session”. With a strong row up to the top, the girls quickly found that the weather would not be on their side for the rest of the session with the storm approaching. The winds and waves had picked up massively. There was a ‘speedy’ row to land as the girls fought the long stretch to get back in as if it was coastal rowing. With the USP and the four in, Mr Ruta had come and help.

Whilst the Italian boatmen were shouting at us to tie down the boats and move them off the top racks, the girls were running round like headless chickens soon realising many visors and slides had gone for a choppy swim (yet to be found…)

So the sum of our day is:

  • Mr White is off to town tomorrow morning to buy some replacement kit
  • Miss Bruce can’t start a launch
  • Hannah can’t cox

and most importantly…

– The USP lives on

By the Senior Girls

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