Sabaudia – Monday Blog (J16 Boys)


Today began with a rough start for all after our chocolate tart was replaced with apricot tart. This was tough news to take. It got even tougher when we found out we had to be down at the lake for 8am.

After an ‘active walk’ down the senior lads and J16 chaps got involved in a bit of a battle paddle where we were surprised to find the water finally flat. Tim Evans (future winner of the Diamond Sculls at Henley) was due to go out in a single but his unprecedented amount of tin shifting ended in disaster when he ripped the footplate out of his boat trying to ‘adjust’ the feet, leaving him with no choice but to go and deadlift.

After Matthew Fox placed the rigger jigger into the water, seemingly not realising it wouldn’t float, we returned to the hotel for some revision like the outstanding student athletes we are. Supremely confident with their studies so far, some of the boys went into town and brought back a haul of food worth almost as much as the new Hudson. More strenuous revision occurred after lunch.

The sun came out as we headed down for our afternoon session which was in fours. The J16 single was once again prevented from tearing up the lake after Mr Satchwill noticed Ethan Carr had never been in a single before and the wind was picking up. The time on the water allowed Matt Fox to demonstrate his steering prowess, or lack thereof but the gents still managed to make technical gains.

We’re over half way through the camp now and the tired legs and hurty hands are beginning to set in however we’re optimistic for the days ahead. As ever the food is delicious and we are incredibly lucky to be enjoying the Italian sun.

The J16 boys xx

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