Sabaudia – Tuesday Blog (Senior Girls)

We woke up with more reluctancy than on previous days, as the lethargy began to set in, knowing that a hard day was to come. We were also under pressure to wear matching kit as Imi Eales likes us to look ‘aesthetically pleasing’ for the photos. Our first session didn’t disappoint as after we had revised in the hotel for an hour, the sun was out and raised the intensity of our seat racing. We were swapped in and out of the quad across 4 1km pieces on the lake. Each of these were timed and we had a different crew for each piece, with a double holding the two members of our squad not racing between each swap. This was incredibly tough!
After a lunch which we had correctly guessed would be pasta and meat, we embarked on another revision session in which Lara Brittain attempted to teach us our entire maths GCSE. We went down to the lake for our final session of the day, where we discovered Sir William Perkins had come to join us, this will be nice to have another English school here. We had a successful session in singles and doubles whilst the Senior and J16 boys were out battle paddling. Lizzie Rowe managed to keep up with a pair of Matej Sanders and Matteo Peluso who went out on their debut outing. Lauren decided though that she was now ‘tired’ after our hard session this morning, so we resorted to doing some stationary drills to improve our confidence in small boats, a nice break to be honest!
With only two full days left, we’re hoping the weather stays sunny and hoping the wind dies down. 
Jess Read

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