Sabaudia – Wednesday Blog (J15 Boys)


After an evening of watching Italian love island last night, we woke up for our energising breakfast ready for our power session with the J16’s. After managing to compete with them a couple of days ago they decided it would benefit them to regain what little confidence they had by racing their eight against ours this time a 4K battle in which they unfortunately came on top. After catching our breath and downing a few pints of water with the boys, we headed back out for another battle, we would have obviously won however Ben Cox got confused between the red buoys and and the yellow ones… never mind eh!

We returned to the hotel after an ear ache from Mr Ruta unleashing a rage of anger and disappointment, to receive another filling lunch to prepare for our second session of the day. After 2 hours of our technical session  we were pleasantly surprised with the progress it made into our boat which now no longer has the risk of capsizing after every stroke, however this was short lived when a boat of new arrivals distracted the boys causing all heads to suddenly tilt towards them, especially Luke Perrin.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get any of their snapchats, the mood was ‘deadened’ when we were forced to revise, locked in the basement guarded by Mr Honour. The day ended with a “yummy” fish meal, throughly enjoyed by the boys.

We’re looking forward to our final full day in Sabaudia and the hard rowing ahead!

Ben Williams (Please subscribe to Ben Beats on YouTube xx), Matt Shaw

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