Sabaudia Blog – Day 1

Sabaudia: Day 1

We awoke early, very early, extremely early. Upon arriving at the airport, we quickly located the finest dining at the airport. We all chose to have the American Breakfast, showing the start of our team synergy going into this week ahead.

Entering the aeroplane, we were met face to face with the man himself, Vernon Kay. Aaron informed him that we were “Doing rowing”. He laughed at us. We laughed at ourselves. Ethan and Aaron gave a nice rendition of “ Never gonna give you up” and the whole plane knew we “will never turn around and desert you.”

We landed in a very sunny Italy. An hour and a half later, we arrived at Le Palme Hotel. After some tasty Italian cuisine, we rigged up, went out and “did rowing.” We were promised a light “technical session”, it was not… a nice start to the week!! Showing our team synergy again we had a decent session.

We finished the night with some call of duty, Rajesh and Matteo were undefeated in their campaign. Afterwards, we all went to sleep.

Day 2:

We awoke very early, extremely early. Joe Walker reminded us how much he eats, again, annihilating a chocolate tart. We all headed down to the revision room where we worked furiously (I promise mum), and some say we haven’t left yet.

After our brisk walk down to the lake, we were informed of another “Technical session.” This one was slightly more technical as we battle paddled in 6s rather than all 8, and Bav figured out how to work a launch.

After lunch, we headed to town, for revision snacks before entering the revision room once again. We finished off the day with yet another battle paddle in the matched eights. It began sunny, but the weather quickly deteriorated, just like our hands… Hail lashed down with the roaring, thunder and lightning. After a quick run home, on the very dry road, with definitely no thunder echoing around us…

We had dinner, which was beautiful. Reminding us of a day out eating the beach.

Onwards to tomorrow.

The Senior Boys xx

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