Sabaudia Day 4 Blog

After complications with alarms we woke up slightly later than usual, but made it in time to take all of the frollino biscuits at breakfast between us; making a total of 22 packets.

We then returned to our rooms and used the next revision period productivity regenerating our minds… sleeping. Then after mummifying our hands we swiftly made it to the lake, following the given path and saying ‘bonjourno’ to everyone we saw. After taking the strictly regulated route we made it to the lake. We were doing work in a 4 and an 8, with Isaac Theakston and Arun Kumar alternating in the 8 and switching between the launch boat. It was really hot today with clear skies and a light breeze!

On the river we raced in the 4 and the 8 in 3. 5 minute pieces; with 2 minutes at rate 26, 2 at 28 and then 1 minute at rate 30, we quickly made our way back up to the hotel to eat lunch and shower as we were very tired!

Then having a short break to then later spend the other half of the day going to the beach, after getting ‘creamed up’ we slipped on our swimming trunks and crocs and swiftly made it across the bridge. Getting onto the beach, we played in competitive games with the rest of the rowers, playing more games with the other j15’s in our given free time, getting home we had a mild quiz night in given groups which familiarised eachother with ourselves. We then finished the night chilling in our rooms before bed.

The J15 Boys


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