Sabaudia – Day 5 Blog

And on the 5th day God said let the water teem with living creatures and birds fly above the earth and let many Bav’s float on launches and make police sounds on the megaphone…

We all awoke to the piercing sound of dogs woofing, some (Garbo) even believed they were still dreaming. Breakfast was as usual, Matt wore his sunglasses and Huw his knee-length waterproof socks while we devoured the cake selection.

In the morning session, the ‘bois’ were delighted to hear that Bav had finally collected enough data to reach a reliable, valid, accurate and precise conclusion and instead we had the pleasure of bashing out 10 x 1 minute pieces where the seniors were no doubt intimidated by the huge watts churned out by the “development crew” in the Hudson. As usual the schedule was closely kept to and we proceeded to do another set. We then had a Jo(el)ga session where Walker was unable to stretch a single muscle.

Revision followed and then lunch which today was pork which lacked the sauce the boys so desperately needed at this point in the week.

The afternoon session featured paddling between 3 fours and was arguably the more eventful of today’s sessions. Joesph Walker got overly excited at the opportunity to “yam it” and lost his hat as a result which was valiantly rescued from the depths of the lagoon. Also rescued from such depths was the J15 boy’s four who became the first BMS crew to capsize in Sabaudia. Mr Mulkerrins kicked a post.

Overall, the day was “exceptional”, sweet as honey you could say and we are looking forward to unleashing more chunky splits with big boys.

Ben (Beats), Miggy and Will



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