Sabaudia – Day 6 Blog

Today was our last full day of Sab, for the senior boys the first session consisted of lots of lengthly paddling and for the senior girls some power water work. All the crews are feeling the blow as the end of camp draws near. 

The tomato pasta at lunch was good however it was not enough to prepare the y13 boys for their row with the coaches. They were also to be joined for some side by side battle paddling by two girls quads and a mixed eight. This was carried out under the watchful eye of Joe Smith’s drone. To everyones surprise the coaches did know how to row and proved a valuable asset to the boat. Mr Grant-Jones also felt the need to perform a majestic swan dive into the lake and swim with the jellyfish.

 This evening all the crews are busy packing while also preparing for the timed 1500’s tomorrow morning. This will be followed by some fast derigging and then the voyage home. 

We have all thoroughly enjoyed camp this year and as always would like to thank the coaches for giving us this opportunity along with their help and support throughout.

Many thanks,

Lara and Matteo

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