Bedford Modern School Boat Club is a thriving community with over 150 active students participating in rowing. The Boat Club aims to offer an enjoyable environment for students to try a new sport and be supported whatever their ambitions.

The students gain the opportunity to row within the school from Year 9 in the Spring and Summer Terms, from Year 10 onwards rowing becomes a three term option; however students are encouraged to continue with their other sports and to avoid becoming too specialist too early.

The main events that the Boat Club works towards are The Schools’ Head, The Junior Sculling Head, National Schools’ Regatta, Henley Women’s Regatta and Henley Royal Regatta. Students train hard for these events working with the Rowing Coaches to develop the correct balance between academic studies and training; individual programmes are designed to support the students where necessary to ensure no additional stress.

BMSBC has seen success at all levels with a number of students gaining International selection at the Coupé de la Jeunesse, Junior World Championships, Senior World Championships and the Olympic Games. As well as these international honours we have also had students go on to win numerous Henley Royal Regatta medals as well as the famous University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge.

We are a Boat Club committed to supporting all our students within the sport of rowing and aim to give them a life long desire to continue our sport.

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