Sabaudia – Day 6 Blog

Today was our last full day of Sab, for the senior boys the first session consisted of lots of lengthly paddling and for the senior girls some power water work. All the crews are feeling the blow as the end of camp draws near. 

The tomato pasta at lunch was good however it was not enough to prepare the y13 boys for their row with the coaches. They were also to be joined for some side by side battle paddling by two girls quads and a mixed eight. This was carried out under the watchful eye of Joe Smith’s drone. To everyones surprise the coaches did know how to row and proved a valuable asset to the boat. Mr Grant-Jones also felt the need to perform a majestic swan dive into the lake and swim with the jellyfish.

 This evening all the crews are busy packing while also preparing for the timed 1500’s tomorrow morning. This will be followed by some fast derigging and then the voyage home. 

We have all thoroughly enjoyed camp this year and as always would like to thank the coaches for giving us this opportunity along with their help and support throughout.

Many thanks,

Lara and Matteo

Sabaudia – Day 5 Blog

And on the 5th day God said let the water teem with living creatures and birds fly above the earth and let many Bav’s float on launches and make police sounds on the megaphone…

We all awoke to the piercing sound of dogs woofing, some (Garbo) even believed they were still dreaming. Breakfast was as usual, Matt wore his sunglasses and Huw his knee-length waterproof socks while we devoured the cake selection.

In the morning session, the ‘bois’ were delighted to hear that Bav had finally collected enough data to reach a reliable, valid, accurate and precise conclusion and instead we had the pleasure of bashing out 10 x 1 minute pieces where the seniors were no doubt intimidated by the huge watts churned out by the “development crew” in the Hudson. As usual the schedule was closely kept to and we proceeded to do another set. We then had a Jo(el)ga session where Walker was unable to stretch a single muscle.

Revision followed and then lunch which today was pork which lacked the sauce the boys so desperately needed at this point in the week.

The afternoon session featured paddling between 3 fours and was arguably the more eventful of today’s sessions. Joesph Walker got overly excited at the opportunity to “yam it” and lost his hat as a result which was valiantly rescued from the depths of the lagoon. Also rescued from such depths was the J15 boy’s four who became the first BMS crew to capsize in Sabaudia. Mr Mulkerrins kicked a post.

Overall, the day was “exceptional”, sweet as honey you could say and we are looking forward to unleashing more chunky splits with big boys.

Ben (Beats), Miggy and Will


Sabaudia Day 4 Blog

After complications with alarms we woke up slightly later than usual, but made it in time to take all of the frollino biscuits at breakfast between us; making a total of 22 packets.

We then returned to our rooms and used the next revision period productivity regenerating our minds… sleeping. Then after mummifying our hands we swiftly made it to the lake, following the given path and saying ‘bonjourno’ to everyone we saw. After taking the strictly regulated route we made it to the lake. We were doing work in a 4 and an 8, with Isaac Theakston and Arun Kumar alternating in the 8 and switching between the launch boat. It was really hot today with clear skies and a light breeze!

On the river we raced in the 4 and the 8 in 3. 5 minute pieces; with 2 minutes at rate 26, 2 at 28 and then 1 minute at rate 30, we quickly made our way back up to the hotel to eat lunch and shower as we were very tired!

Then having a short break to then later spend the other half of the day going to the beach, after getting ‘creamed up’ we slipped on our swimming trunks and crocs and swiftly made it across the bridge. Getting onto the beach, we played in competitive games with the rest of the rowers, playing more games with the other j15’s in our given free time, getting home we had a mild quiz night in given groups which familiarised eachother with ourselves. We then finished the night chilling in our rooms before bed.

The J15 Boys

Sabaudia Day 3 Blog and Photos

Hello All,

Today, we had an extra early day following the request from Mr Satchwill and Mr Bavington – we were not allowed to be late!

Breakfast was the usual… ‘athlete’s diet’. The senior squad arrived at the lake ready to do 4x2k race pieces. However, Mr Bavington decided to ‘spice up’ our programme by ‘gathering some data’ with a cheeky seat race. It was too spicy for Jess so she had a paddle in a single! During this session, we were greeted by Wimbledon High School arriving.

This was followed by an effective revision session – thank you to the academic staff.

We had rather a dramatic lunchtime due to the betrayal in the points system. Lizzie is now proudly and boastfully winning the competition by eating everything, even every part of the beach! **Apparently this is some sort of food eating competition**

We then went out for session two where the boys were surprised with even more ‘data collection’ whilst the girls went out in three quads to practice their racing starts for the upcoming regatta season.

This was surprisingly eventful as the senior girls decided they wanted to test the limits and stability of the new Hudson by practicing some EXTREME rigger dips at the catch resulting in Miss Bruce pulling some interesting and disapproving facial expressions!

We then had a slightly more interesting revision session, hearing about the some of the senior boys’ academic stories, along with Mr White helping some children with physics.

We are now having a senior squad movie night to recover and prepare for the really busy day at the beach tomorrow…

Love from the senior girls

Lara, Jess, Imi , Abi and Lizzie

Sabaudia Day 2 Blog & Photos

Today’s sessions for the J15 girls were firstly technical based and then lots of hard work after lunch. We started off in smaller boats focusing on technique including blade depth, length in the stroke and hand speed around the back end. After lunch we moved into two quads where we focused on power using power water work in pairs. This improved our timing and ensured we had pressure on at all times to help us in the upcoming regatta season. The power water work was hard as we had a long way to go with artificially slow boats (we had a bungee on!) so we were all very tired at the end but we managed to get the most out of our session. Overall it was two great sessions with brilliant weather and great teamwork with well deserved ice cream afterwards.

Katie, Grace, Nika , Freaya