Dear Parents/Pupil,

I hope you have all found time to enjoy the summer break and recharge your batteries ready for the new school year and the rowing season!

Our first social event is fast approaching in the form of the Boathouse BBQ. This year the BBQ will be held on Sunday 23rd September at 12:30 in the boathouse garden.  As well as our existing rowers we hope that those families new to the sport this year will come and join us and find out more about the BMS Boat Club.

The BBQ is a relaxed atmosphere where you will have the opportunity to talk to the rowing staff, chat to other parents and the parents support group, compete on a rowing machine, see our future plans for rowing kit and there will also be a boat on display, with the components labelled, so you can improve your rowing vocab ready for discussions across the dinner table!

Please find attached the event poster with details on how to confirm your attendance.

The Rowing Committee would welcome any donations of food for the ‘sides and desserts’ table.  There will be a cash bar for parents, soft drinks are also available.  There will also be some seating available.

I look forward to welcoming many of you to the boathouse for hopefully a sunny afternoon enjoying a sausage bap or burger.

BMSBC Parents Support Group

BMSBC Welcome BBQ – Reply Slip

Sabaudia – Wednesday Blog (J15 Boys)


After an evening of watching Italian love island last night, we woke up for our energising breakfast ready for our power session with the J16’s. After managing to compete with them a couple of days ago they decided it would benefit them to regain what little confidence they had by racing their eight against ours this time a 4K battle in which they unfortunately came on top. After catching our breath and downing a few pints of water with the boys, we headed back out for another battle, we would have obviously won however Ben Cox got confused between the red buoys and and the yellow ones… never mind eh!

We returned to the hotel after an ear ache from Mr Ruta unleashing a rage of anger and disappointment, to receive another filling lunch to prepare for our second session of the day. After 2 hours of our technical session  we were pleasantly surprised with the progress it made into our boat which now no longer has the risk of capsizing after every stroke, however this was short lived when a boat of new arrivals distracted the boys causing all heads to suddenly tilt towards them, especially Luke Perrin.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get any of their snapchats, the mood was ‘deadened’ when we were forced to revise, locked in the basement guarded by Mr Honour. The day ended with a “yummy” fish meal, throughly enjoyed by the boys.

We’re looking forward to our final full day in Sabaudia and the hard rowing ahead!

Ben Williams (Please subscribe to Ben Beats on YouTube xx), Matt Shaw

Sabaudia – Tuesday Blog (Senior Girls)

We woke up with more reluctancy than on previous days, as the lethargy began to set in, knowing that a hard day was to come. We were also under pressure to wear matching kit as Imi Eales likes us to look ‘aesthetically pleasing’ for the photos. Our first session didn’t disappoint as after we had revised in the hotel for an hour, the sun was out and raised the intensity of our seat racing. We were swapped in and out of the quad across 4 1km pieces on the lake. Each of these were timed and we had a different crew for each piece, with a double holding the two members of our squad not racing between each swap. This was incredibly tough!
After a lunch which we had correctly guessed would be pasta and meat, we embarked on another revision session in which Lara Brittain attempted to teach us our entire maths GCSE. We went down to the lake for our final session of the day, where we discovered Sir William Perkins had come to join us, this will be nice to have another English school here. We had a successful session in singles and doubles whilst the Senior and J16 boys were out battle paddling. Lizzie Rowe managed to keep up with a pair of Matej Sanders and Matteo Peluso who went out on their debut outing. Lauren decided though that she was now ‘tired’ after our hard session this morning, so we resorted to doing some stationary drills to improve our confidence in small boats, a nice break to be honest!
With only two full days left, we’re hoping the weather stays sunny and hoping the wind dies down. 
Jess Read

Sabaudia – Monday Blog (J16 Boys)


Today began with a rough start for all after our chocolate tart was replaced with apricot tart. This was tough news to take. It got even tougher when we found out we had to be down at the lake for 8am.

After an ‘active walk’ down the senior lads and J16 chaps got involved in a bit of a battle paddle where we were surprised to find the water finally flat. Tim Evans (future winner of the Diamond Sculls at Henley) was due to go out in a single but his unprecedented amount of tin shifting ended in disaster when he ripped the footplate out of his boat trying to ‘adjust’ the feet, leaving him with no choice but to go and deadlift.

After Matthew Fox placed the rigger jigger into the water, seemingly not realising it wouldn’t float, we returned to the hotel for some revision like the outstanding student athletes we are. Supremely confident with their studies so far, some of the boys went into town and brought back a haul of food worth almost as much as the new Hudson. More strenuous revision occurred after lunch.

The sun came out as we headed down for our afternoon session which was in fours. The J16 single was once again prevented from tearing up the lake after Mr Satchwill noticed Ethan Carr had never been in a single before and the wind was picking up. The time on the water allowed Matt Fox to demonstrate his steering prowess, or lack thereof but the gents still managed to make technical gains.

We’re over half way through the camp now and the tired legs and hurty hands are beginning to set in however we’re optimistic for the days ahead. As ever the food is delicious and we are incredibly lucky to be enjoying the Italian sun.

The J16 boys xx

Sabaudia – Sunday Blog (Senior Boys)


We woke up for our third day of the training camp to realise that the wind was still hanging around. After a decent breakfast of coffee and croissants with Jack impressively eating 6, we were told that there would be no rowing in the first session and we were expected in the revision dungeon with Mr White.

After a productive revision with Rajesh losing all his work and Hodgy helping Zac at maths, a smiling lobster (Mr Bavington) told us that we were heading off to the beach to train. With multiple Glen’s leading the run we arrived to a high tide so resorted to training on a platform that could be described a rickety at best. After Miss Bruce’s questionable counting ability multiple Glen’s led the run home with only three casualties for some more revision.

After a nutritious lunch with something Hodgy actually liked we headed down to the lake for our only water session of the day. We had a good session in a boat that had previously been on the floor and good progress was made by all. We then strolled back for another revision session which Walker decided he was too good at Physics to attend and ‘had a nap’ instead as well as some teamwork by Glen and Raj on various DT projects.

For dinner we had a fish feast which Hodgy didn’t like followed by a traditional Italian dessert which Hodgy also didn’t like. Then it was time for the annual BMSBC quiz which was surprisingly factual with Zac’s team coming out on top, apart from the coaches team which conveniently won… Overall it was another solid day of training camp and we are all looking forward to the next few days of hard training, apart from Joe Herbert with his hurty leg.


The Senior Boys