Captain of Boats

Each year a Captain of Boats is selected from both the boys’ and girls’ senior squads to act as a role model and representative for the Boat Club. Their role is to support  all members of the Boat Club and represent BMSBC throughout the school and at social evenings.

This years Captains are Matteo Pelsuo and Lara Brittain, both have written a few words describing their time with BMSBC so far and how rowing has impacted on their development as students.

Matteo Peluso

Matteo Peluso

I joined Bedford Modern in year 5 and ever since I have always been an avid member of the sports teams available. My Rowing career began with one session a week every Friday after school and has now developed into a 15 hour per week commitment, truly highlighting the impact the boathouse has had on my life. There is no other sports community in the school that can match the level of camaraderie found in the boathouse. My favourite part about rowing is the great team mentality that develops as you bond with your crew-mates. This team mentality, combined with the competitive nature of the sport, is what I think keeps all of us coming back for more. Throughout my journey I have made incredible memories that will last me a lifetime. The sense of unity that everyone feels when they’re pulling their hardest, even though their legs have gone blue due to the freezing conditions of the winter months, is a feeling that makes rowing unique from all the other sports. This year, is my final year at the boat house and my last chance to make an impact. Having been chosen as Captain of Boats, I aim to retain and improve upon the core values which I think make the boat house the Bedford Modern Boat house: team-work, pride, passion and performance.

Lara Brittain

Lara Brittain

I joined BMS in Year 5 and have always really enjoyed all the co-curricular activities on offer. I still love playing for the 1st XI Hockey as well as participating in as much rowing as possible! Since joining BMSBC in Year 9 I have really liked seeing the girl’s side grow and hope this will long continue. The best part about rowing definitely has to be the family atmosphere, I will always remember the thrill of rowing past the parent’s tent and receiving the loudest support. Rowing is a sport to be proud of; I have many highlights such as the mini bus journeys back from Eton Dorney and winning my first Bedford Head. The best memories are from the senior squad I train with every day, everything we have experienced together has been unforgettable; they have made my time rowing amazing. I am excited to finish my years at the boat club being Captain of Boats and I hope to build up the girl’s side of rowing as much as possible to make everyone’s experience as memorable as mine.

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