Captain of Boats

Each year a Captain of Boats is selected from both the boys’ and girls’ senior squads to act as a role model and representative for the Boat Club. Their role is to support  all members of the Boat Club and represent BMSBC throughout the school and at social evenings.

This years Captains are Alex Ventisei and Hannah Cowie, both have written a few words describing their time with BMSBC so far and how rowing has impacted on their development as students.

Alex Ventisei


I joined BMS in year 4 and quickly found that I was not god’s gift to Rugby or Cricket, as a result I was usually the lanky lad in the bottom team of almost every sport. Eventually I was brought down to the boathouse for a rowing taster session and immediately felt something different about the sport. I had a natural ability and I found being out on the water after school really relaxing. I had success I had never experienced in sport before in my first year of rowing when I was in the 8x+ that won the National Jubilee Regatta. I was drawn in by the success and “interesting” banter…

I am honoured to be Captain in my final year and can’t wait to get stuck into one last season under the BMS flag. I’ll look forward to sharing some experience and helping some of the lads through the harder weeks of training. Rowing is a sport where you get out what you put in, I have certainly put some time into rowing and can’t say I’ve regretted a moment of it.

Hannah Cowie


I’ve always enjoyed sports and when the opportunity to try a new one in year 8 came about I was down the boathouse as soon as possible… and I’ve never left! I wasn’t the biggest or the strongest, and I’m still not, but it’s the teamwork that I love about the sport. Everyone brings something different to the squad and it’s nice to know that when you’re halfway through a race, everyone else in the boat is feeling the same pain as you are.

Over my 5 years of rowing at BMS I’ve had a few successes and highlights have to be winning Junior Inter-Regional Regatta in my J16 year and coming away with a silver medal  at National Schools’ Regatta the year before. But it’s not all plain sailing and in the middle of the winter it’s hard not to question why you spend 2 hours after school everyday in the dark and freezing cold, but you know that it will be worth it. In my last year at school I’m delighted to have this role and hope to use the platform to get more people involved in the sport. I’m looking forward to this season at BMSBC and hope to help make it the best year yet!

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