Captain of Boats

Each year a Captain of Boats is selected from both the boys’ and girls’ senior squads to act as a role model and representative for the Boat Club. Their role is to support  all members of the Boat Club and represent BMSBC throughout the school and at social evenings.

This years Captains are Glen Mulkerrins and Georgia Bygraves, both have written a few words describing their time with BMSBC so far and how rowing has impacted on their development as students.

Glen Mulkerrins

I joined BMS in year 4 and being quite a sporty young lad I played in many of the A teams within the school. Then when I got to around year 9 there became a point where I had to make a few decisions on what sport I would carry forward into my senior years at BMS. For me the decision to row was the best decision I have ever made. What drew me in was the atmosphere and family feeling of the Boatclub but also the dedication and the bantar that the rowers have. Since then I have never looked back, the memories that have been created during my time at the Boatclub are endless and I could speak about them for days!

As I begin my last of my 10 Years at BMS I am very honoured to be the Captain of Boats for this season. I am very excited to see what the season holds and get amongst the younger members of the boatclub to give a helping hand during the not so appealing winter sessions. I cant wait to see all the BMSBC members and supporters along the river bank shouting for the mighty TeamBMS!

Georgia Bygraves


I began BMS in year 7 and was always the quiet, shy kid who never spoke. I joined the boat club in year 9 because my lack of hand eye coordination meant no other sport particularly wanted me and everyone always said my lack of height meant I’d make a good cox. I didn’t expect to enjoy the sport as I hadn’t liked many previously, however I quickly found I loved the team atmosphere the boathouse produced, there really is a place for everyone. Coxing also gave me the opportunity to be incredibly loud, something I realised I quite enjoyed…

Throughout my time at BMSBC I have coxed many different crews both girls and boys. I’ve always found no matter what crew you are with the environment the coaches and rowers have created means the experience will be enjoyable and unforgettable. Some of my rowing highlights include winning Star regatta at J14 and the annual week-long training camps to Sabaudia, Italy. I am delighted to end my school rowing career as Captain of Girls Boats and hope to finish this rowing season on a high! I can’t wait to get to know the new members of the boathouse and hopefully share some memorable experiences!

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