Event Information

This page is designed to give you a helpful guide of what to expect at each event throughout the year.

St Neots Head:
Parents Guide to: St Neots Head
St Neots – Crew Sheet

Bedford Autumn Head:
Bedford Autumn Head – Crew Sheet

Star Head:
Star Head Crew Sheet

Wallingford Head:
Parents Guide to: Wallingford Head

British Rowing Indoor Championships:
Parents Guide To: British Indoor Rowing Championships
Event website: BRIC

Northampton Head of the River:
Northampton Head of the Nene

Cambridge Head 2 Head:
Parents Guide to: Cambridge Head2Head

Bedford Head:
Parents Guide to: Bedford Heads
Bedford Head Crews

Hampton Head:
Hampton Head: Crew Sheet
Hampton Head PG

Reading University Head:
Parents Guide to: Reading University Head
Reading Head Crews

Nottingham Head of the Trent:

Parents Guide to: Nottingham Head of the Trent

Nottingham Head of the Trent Crews

Schools’ Head of the River:
Parents Guide to: Schools Head
Schools Head Crews

National Sculling Head:

Parents Guide to: National Sculling Head
Sculling Head Start Order

Junior Sculling Head Crews

Wallingford Regatta:
Parents Guide to: Wallingford Regatta

Bedford Regatta:

Parents Guide to: Bedford Regatta

Bedford Regatta Crews

National Schools Regatta:

Parents Guide to: National Schools Regatta

Peterborough Regatta:

Parents Guide To: Peterborough Junior Champs

Henley Royal Regatta – Qualifying Races

Parents Guide to: HRR qualifying