Lady Rohesia

Lady Rohesia Boat Club (LRBC) was refounded in 2011, by a group of OBMs that wanted to maintain close links with BMSBC, whilst also competing all over the southern UK. What started as a race day and dinner in 2005, has now grown into an active boat club, of OBMs of all ages from those that have just left the School, to the more veteran rowers.

Every year we have a series of races against the School down at the Schools’ Boat House in Bedford, followed by a dinner in the evening. In short, the School host the OBMs for the day, and the OBMs reciprocate for the evening. In 2016, we held the meal at The Swan, Bedford, where the School 1st VIII managed to win the Rex Wilsher Cup for the race against the OBM’s.

To date LRBC has raced at The Head of the River, Henley Royal Regatta, and there are plans to enter The Head of the Charles, USA. With the use of school equipment, when the school rowers are not, we pay a membership to BMSBC. This money is then given to the Director of Rowing to be used accordingly.

Lady Rohesia was adopted by some OBMs in 1956, when they had left school and needed a club to row under; at that time the Amateur Rowing Association, now British Rowing, prohibited school leavers from using their school club once they had left. The name, “Lady Rohesia”, was the Abbess of Newnham Priory. The Priory was sited beyond the white stone bridge down stream of the Schools’ boathouses. It was this Abbess, Lady Rohesia, that was instrumental in the construction of the new stretch of river from the weir to below Bedford RC, past the Schools’ boathouses, through the Priory, to connect with the “Old River”.

Although we are a closed club, only open to OBMs, we report directly to the OBM Club. Our representative is Michael Biggs (1991-2001). He attends the OBM Club Management Committee Meetings, and liaises directly with the Director of Rowing, BMS Development Office and OBM Club President.


One thought on “Lady Rohesia

  1. I sincerely hope you are not horrified by the following…
    I am an OBM who attended BMS from 1962 until 1969, when I emigrated to the USA with my family. I am now 67 years old and will retire at the end of this year. I ordered a Lady Rohesia shirt from Godfrey’s with “Hoosier Branch” embroidered on the sleeve (Hoosier refers to residents of the state of Indiana).
    Whilst I did not row at BMS, I am a keen indoor rower now and achieve my best 500m splits around 1:30, which is respectable for my age. My goal is to continue to improve and perhaps I can represent the a Lady Rohesia Boat Club at the World Indoor Rowing Championships in my age class when I turn 70 in a couple more years!


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