The BMS Rowing Parents Support Group are a growing number of parent volunteers independent of the school that come together on riverbanks to support the rowers vocally and morally with refreshments on a social basis, gathering in all types of weather organising a variety of events for the mutual benefit of rowers and parents. Creating a sense of community amongst the parents of rowers with a warm welcome at events from the iconic black BMS Gazebo.


BMS Rowing Gazebo
Spectating at rowing events can involve long periods of waiting around for your son or daughter’s boat to appear. To help pass the time and keep the cold (and yes sometimes the rain and wind) at bay, the Parents Group set up a gazebo at events in Bedford and around the country when possible, offering hot drinks and somewhere to shelter. There is also a “sharing table” where parents are invited to bring cakes and savouries to graze upon. For some reason this also attracts the rowers, I’ve been reliably informed by many a rower that the best way to replenish energy after a row is chocolate cake! I don’t think the nutritionists at GB Rowing would agree, but it does mean the rowers come and talk to us whilst refuelling.
Even when the weather is fair, the gazebo acts as a focal point for our support, generating the loudest cheers on the river for BMS boats as they row past.

For parents of rowers just starting out, the gazebo is also a place to chat to parents of older rowers to find out more about either the sport or the school boathouse.


Whilst we raise funds for the Boathouse, it is not our primary aims. However, we recognise that rowing is an expensive sport in which to participate so we do what we can to help out.
This year the PSG have donated two new Concept 2 bikes for the new indoor training facility for rowing, located on the school site.
If you would like to get involved with BMSBC Parents’ Support Group then Wendy Eales can be contacted via the BMSBC Contacts page or on

We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to the world of rowing!!