Mr Kempsell has been working hard scanning the internet to find his favorite rowing videos:

Aussie 4- 2012
This is a great video for seeing the sequencing of the hands and body after the finish of the stroke. This four also rows with an excellent rhythm, you can see how they let the boat run out underneath them and place their blades accurately before applying force. This crew won the silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics
South African Lightweight 4- 2012
This is the Olympic champion lightweight four from the London 2012 Olympics. They row with a style more suited to schoolboy rowers, with fast hands away from the finish, taking all of the time into the front end. This video is interesting for showing how their technique stays the same as they go up on the rates, with one clip showing their sprint at well over 40 strokes per minute.
Canadian Men’s Eight – Pain Contest
This video is all about the mindset it takes to be successful. An important lesson to remember that as you get faster, it doesn’t get any easier, it just finishes quicker!
Abingdon vs Belmont Hill – P.E. Quarter Final 2009
This video is of a Henley Quarter Final between two very good schoolboy eights, Abingdon went on to win the event. The video is shot from the launch following the race, but the sound is a recording of the cox, Rory Copus. Rory went on to cox at the Junior and U23 World Championships, and this recording is an excellent example of how to cox a race. He changes his tone of voice throughout the race depending on the call he is making, motivating the crew and keeping them relaxed and focussed throughout.
Henley Rowing
This is a really good video for showing what you can do with a GoPro and a rowing boat. It would be great if any of the BMS rowers could make their own version!​