J15 (Year 10)

Girls – Miss Mantell: amantell@bedmod.co.uk, Miss Smith: annasmith@bedmod.co.uk
Boys – Mr Mulkerrins: gmulkerrins@bedmod.co.uk, Mr Honnor: dhonnor@bedmod.co.uk

During year 10 the students focus switches to becoming more competitive; the training volume increases, the sessions become more focused on developing boat speed and there is the introduction of sweep oar rowing (see vocab page), although not exclusively.

The students start to follow a programme that is designed to ensure they peak for larger events and develop tactical knowledge throughout the year.

British Rowing Indoor Championships – 07/12/19
Schools Head – 18/03/20
The Oarsport Junior Sculling Head – TBC
Junior Inter-regional Regatta – TBC
Bedford Regatta – 9/05/20
National Schools Regatta – 22-24/05/20